But first, a little about me the author. My name is Bob Wunderlich. I am a Jewish Christian born again believer since 1981. After reading, “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey, I was hooked on Bible Prophecy. I have probably read something about bible prophecy every day since my spiritual birth.
I say this without apology, but the Lord has given to me a wonderful spiritual gift. The things that I know with His wisdom, that the Lord has led me to understand, have almost never been wrong. For instance, I know who the Two Witnesses are: They are Enoch and Elijah.

But, for this website, I will present to you evidence that without a doubt, the Anti-Christ is Emmanuel Macron!

This man wants a 10 nation coalition in Europe and he wants the Middle East to accept his Peace Treaty. (what else do we need to know?)

When the Anti-Christ signs the 7 year peace deal with Israel, then the Whole World will know. For now, I know and now, you will know also.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I know it needs to be mentioned again.

It is very important!

When I was sure that the Lord had given me insight into the identity of the AC, the very first thing that came to my mind and should come to the mind of every bible believing Christian is this:

I thought that the Identity of the AC will only be known and made manifest after the Rapture? If this is true why and how is the Lord giving me this insight and wisdom now? This doesn’t make sense.

This is the answer that I received from the Lord in reference to this question.

The identity of the AntiChrist will be made known and manifested to the WORLD after the Rapture. There is no reason why we can’t know now.

Here he is…

(there are a few minor errors below, but, forgive me, this web site was started almost 3 years ago.)

Check out these four Power Point Presentations and see what I see…

and listen to a recent radio interview with Dino and myself.