Putin does not takes Macron seriously!



No he doesn’t! Listen to Macron. He knows what’s coming and Putin doesn’t.

Just listen to Macron and understand that he knows exactly who he is. He’s not afraid of anyone, including Trump or Putin. This man is confident.

2 comments on “Putin does not takes Macron seriously!

  1. September 22, 2022 Robespierre

    Macron is a complete windbag who loves the sound of his own voice. A classic narcissist who considers himself the smartest person in the room, despite regular evidence to the contrary. Lastly, Macron is an open elitist, who hates the working class French demographic and traditional working class French culture, which is why Macron is on-board to simply replace the native French working class with imported foreign immigrants, and likewise replace the native French traditional popular culture with an elitist EU-apparatchik approved and freshly manufactured pan-European culture.

  2. September 22, 2022 Bob

    sounds about right…


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