LEGAL FORCE? This can’t be good!

What p retell is this?

This is Global Pact for the environment.

This is something to watch. Don’t you agree?  Why? Because it was created by the ANTICHRIST  Emmanuel Macron.

We know the bible. We know that after the rapture, the AC will be tracking down unbelievers and chopping their heads off. There is in my humble opinion, no other vehicle for this action than Global environmental issues. And who are the two MAJOR proponents for this deal. Yep, Emmanuel Macron and the Pope. How interesting!

Look at this sentence from their website, “It is now time to take a decisive step forward with the adoption of a global environmental pact. This international treaty aims to cluster in a single document with legal force the major principles that guide environmental actions.”

LEGAL FORCE!? That can’t be good. You mean Emmanuel Macron will be in charge of this LEGAL FORCE? 

We are seeing the plans for the soon 7 year tribulation.

We are approaching WARP SPEED in relation to Macron and the Planet Earth.

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One comment on “LEGAL FORCE? This can’t be good!

  1. December 30, 2018 Derris

    What does this mean (in a nutshell)?

    How does or can Emmanuel Macron fit the little horn discretion?

    I believe he is a top candidate so far for the AC, but I’m not 100 %.


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