“I was given the assignment of trying to find a solution between the two sides and I think what we’ll put forward is a framework that I think is realistic


Brothers and sisters… Are you following this? Are you seeing what I am seeing?

For starters, we discovered that Macron, while at the peak of his popularity, was anxious to give the world his Peace Covenant for the Middle East. He threatened to do this in 30 days, back in 2018. What happened next absolutely put a squash to those plans. Why? Because it was not God’s timing. The scripture says that there must be another Peace Covenant presented to the world before the Anti Christ can use his plan to CONFIRM his predecessor’s Peace Plan for the Middle East.

So, we saw the Paris riots and the burning of Paris. (So much for Macron’s popularity)

We then all agreed that Trump’s and Kushner’s Peace Plan will come out first. Trump has commented that he will present his plan after May’s 2019 Ramadan’s holiday for the Arabs. He calls it, “The Deal of the Century”.


Kushner: “Peace plan will be a ‘good starting point’.” What? “a good starting point”?

You mean, someone may be needed to come in and “Make it Stronger”, “Change it and make it more agreeable to , “MANY”?

If this isn’t looking forward to the, ” And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week:” then, I’m not sure what we will be……

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