Anyone heard of this?

I was reading this for the first time and was wondering why no one has reported on it. It sure sounds familiar. It’s from last year.

Macron’s concentric circles could be a solution for the EU – and for Brexit

A Europe of different speeds could prove a way out of this conundrum, and finally reconcile the competing visions for Europe. Those who want a simple free-trade area could have it, but no more. Those arguing for a common defence scheme on top of that, but no more, could have it. And those who want a United States of Europe could have it as well. But at the same time, no one would be forced to participate in areas they are not interested in.

It would truly be a European scheme of voluntary cooperation between individual member states. Emmanuel Macron said so himself last year: “We have to think up a Europe with several formats, go further with those who want to go forward, without being hindered by states that want – and it is their right – to go not as fast or not as far.”

Every state could sign up to those efforts which it likes. There would be a “Core Europe,” which is in favour of integration on the euro, on finance, the economy, migration, and so forth, and then there are other circles – those on the outside of Macron’s “concentric circles,” where states only participate in some areas.

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  1. June 22, 2019 Derris

    Multi-speed Europe?

    I believe “Emmanuel” surly could be the guy… I’m between 85-90% positive… but how could he match the description of the little horn? Maybe he will somehow end up in the papacy seat? European Commission seat? Or he’ll just rule from France? What are your thoughts?


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