CheckMate! …and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

With French-flavored EU line-up, Macron builds future influence…

Well, brothers and sisters, what can I say? We have been closely following the “making of an Anti Christ” from day uno. He has now, thanks to himself, (flattery) gained all of the situation and power he needs.

He is ready to fulfill his destiny. I will place some interesting quotes from this article below. And BTW, since day one there was only one thing that stopped this man in his tracks. And that was the Paris “Pillar of Fire” that I wrote about and that was to slow down Macron ambitions. Only God was able to slow down this man. There should be no reason, I guess, to slow him down from here on.

A sign the French president might wield greater influence in coming years.

He has come out of this pretty well,” an EU diplomat told Reuters.

The French president now has enough allies to make himself heard, analysts say.

With a compatible president of the European Commission, more influence at the European parliament and allies at the European Council, we can imagine he will now be able to push through change,” he added.

Another reason for Macron’s success was cunning diplomacy.
(I was wondering….. could diplomacy be a modern word for “flattery”?

“…and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. ” Macron is renowned for 
his seductive use of flattery
 and employs his skills to good effect 

But now Merkel is at the end of her time in office, Macron can claim the mantle of de facto EU leader, observers say.

Emmanuel Macron outplayed EU leaders to secure powerful position for himself 

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