Hang Onto Your Seats! Sanhedrin Wants To Replace United Nations


If you have been following my post then you will know that the Lord shared with me a month or two ago, that the Sanhedrin would be the next unified government in Israel.

I mentioned that the Lord shared with me almost 3 years ago that Emmanuel Macron is the Anti Christ.
We can put a check next to Macron’s name. He is the Anti Christ.

We are now watching the Sanhedrin. As many of you all should know, that if this takes place, we will probably not be here to witness it. But, we can see and read about stories like this one. This particular news article came out today from Israel by the Sanhedrin. Just to remind everyone, there is a huge conference slated for Sept 26 in Israel involving the Sanhedrin and 70 other nations.

Thanks to  Kimberly Rogers-Brown . for the heads up…

One comment on “Hang Onto Your Seats! Sanhedrin Wants To Replace United Nations

  1. August 2, 2019 Suzanne Constantin

    WOW! it’s finally happening. I was a little skeptic about believing in the “Rapture”. I always wondered how so many people disappearing could be explained. There are way too many documentaries & movies telling us that ET’s are real. I believe the plan will be that everyone will blame it on being abducted by aliens. Now I can see it clearly……COME ON RAPTURE!


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