Sanhedrin Urges Candidates for Jerusalem Mayor to Prepare for Third Temple

Jerusalem will have a new mayor next week and more than any other election this year will decide the religious nature of Israel’s capital. The nascent Sanhedrin has addressed a letter to the two candidates emphasizing the role of the Third Temple in municipal current policy.

I’m looking forward to how this story evolves. Will the new Mayor of Jerusalem recognize the new Sanhedrin in political affairs that relate to their City?

I think this could be a big test to see in which direction the Sanhedrin will go. Will they be taken seriously?

As always, I am so confident about my source, I will boldly predict that next week we will see a major shift towards the concept of a Religious Authority in government which will lay the groundwork for the National direction of Religious Authority in the Israeli government. Mark my words….

One comment on “Sanhedrin Urges Candidates for Jerusalem Mayor to Prepare for Third Temple

  1. August 5, 2019 Suzanne Constantin

    Really great news, and exciting. I’m curious to know if the Sanhedrin does not replace the mayor, will building the third Temple be put on “hold”? I watched Bible prophesy during the 1990’s and the preacher never mentioned the Sanhedrin will try for the mayor’s position…well, as far as I can remember. I take medication that make me forgetful. Thanks for all your work and time keeping us up-to-date. You are truly blessed.


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