Macron ‘got what he wanted’ – PM ‘tricked’ by French President into ‘behaving like an oaf’

The above picture is what the WHOLE WORLD will see. What a derelict this English PM appears to be. That piece of furniture is probably priceless! And he has his foot on it. And Macron looks so annoyed.

BUT WAIT!!! We are now going to see the real man. The real Emmanuel Macron. The gangster, the trickster, the ruthless thug.

Look at that video clip on the above link and tell me that Macron didn’t “will” that man to put his foot on that piece of furniture. Tell me that that clip doesn’t remind you of Nicolae Carpathia waving his hand at the people in the round table in Left Behind? I would have done the same thing that Boris did and not even know why I did it. 😊 ( I know, I’m out of my mind.) Macron just hypnotized Ole Boris…. I think we have just witnessed the beginning of his Satanic Power.

Remember the pic of Macron celebrating the French Soccer team victory? OH, This man is good. Remember anyone else who was good at using the media? Let’s say in 1935-1941.

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