The issue is [that] it is time to remove the influence (current government) ( my words) with furthering God’s Torah. The Jewish people must be prepared and must be elevated in order to begin the process of redemption,” he claimed.

“Something [with this election] is going to happen out of nowhere that’s going to be stunning, that nobody expects. In order for the Jews to repent, to get close to God, to get close to their Torah, this government must be removed.” In his words, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “must be deposed.”

OK, Here we go…. I never know how to present this but, here it goes…

As you know, I mentioned that I have it on solid footing that the next “united government in Israel will be the Sanhedrin” I said this a month ago.

My source is NEVER WRONG!. Not in 40 years.

Read this article and see if it’s coming. And BTW, I never put any credibility into what these Rabbi’s think or say. They are extra-biblical; but, they are interesting… Aren’t they? 🙂

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