What a Coincidence!

OK, Boys and Girls. Extra Extra Read all about it!

As some of you know, This website began when I saw a picture of Emmanuel Macron on the TV screen. It was as if the Lord said to me, “That’s him! That’s the AC!” The very next picture I saw on the screen was the pic of the 66.06 % margin of victory. I said to myself, OK LORD, YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!..

From that day on, I have been following Macron everyday. As you know, Macron has gone from an absolute political novice to where he is today. THE MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL FIGURE IN EUROPE!.

Yesterday, I received this picture in the email from a follower, Derris Lenon.

Check out the date on the top right hand corner.
IT says, September 30, 2019.

Interesting… that’s a more than a week from now and one day before MAYBE BLAST OFF..

So, I emailed the writer of the article to get a clarification.

Here is that correspondence…
Hi Vivienne, I was wondering if you can explain why this issue with Macron says,  Sept. 30th 2019.  Is that what will be on the cover on that date? 
Hi Yes. The date on the issue is always the last date the magazine will be distributed on the newsstand- Best Vivienne

Do you find that as incredible interesting as I do?

One comment on “What a Coincidence!

  1. September 24, 2019 Robert

    Hi there, could you tell me the significance of the date on the magazine…I’m so sorry, I am just not making the connection on the date(s). Thank You for your awesome website. All Glory to God.


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