Plastic cards may soon give way to biometric systems, microchip implants…

That humble ID badge is starting to be replaced by biometric identification systems, microchip implants and tools that monitor workers’ gaits or typing habits—technologies that might not only make workplaces more secure and easier to navigate but also generate personalized health and productivity data.

Isn’t this exactly what we predicted? The progression from plastic to biometric and finally to the mark?

IMO, we have a long way to go until the “Mark”. It’s not going to be required until the middle of the tribulation which is at least 3 and a half years from now. That is a long long time. How many of us can remember May of 2016? 3.5 years ago… So, don’t worry….

You know, for us who were saved and watching Bible Prophecy 15-20 years ago or more, things weren’t so clear. But, if you are a new Christian and you look at what is going on just in the last year, I think you can be pretty confident that the Bible is true! I don’t think that there is any question about that for us who have watched things filter down in the last 20 years to where they are now. It’s very heart warming…

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