World leaders arrive in Israel for country’s biggest diplomatic event.

Iran at top of agenda for Netanyahu meetings with Pence, Putin, Macron.

Just in case I need to do this… Here it goes. There are major World Events going on in Israel right now.


Please let me know if I am imagining this or is it real..

BTW, I still remember almost three years ago when I saw Macron’s pic on the TV and I heard the Lord say, ‘That’s him!”

And remember, that same voice told me 6 months ago about the Sanhedrin being the next United Government in Israel.

A guide to the perplexed: What happens if Netanyahu fails to form a government? May 27, 2019

Ok OK, well at least go with me on Macron as the AC..

2 comments on “World leaders arrive in Israel for country’s biggest diplomatic event.

  1. January 25, 2020 Suzanne

    Definitely Macron! When I read the 7-year peace, I started to jump up and down…AWWWW! crote! You shouldn’t tease us like that.. I’m too old for surprises and I have a serious heart problem…. just kidding, but I started to imagine what is must have been like when Jesus resurrected..WOW!

  2. January 25, 2020 Bob

    I’m so sorry Suzanne. That was so mean of me.. But, I think someone could run that same article soon after we’re gone. Those will be the players in that pic… Keep an eye on events this week in Washington. Arabs are really going to be mad…..


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