This week in Washington?

Well, Well, Well, I suppose that this virus outbreak in China is getting everyone’s attention. The Devil is really smart. I think what we are seeing is a clever way to pre – suggest that we are in a GLOBAL Situation. Our minds are beginning to think about the combination of three things. GLOBAL…DIRE SITUATION…. AND A NEED FOR A REMEDY!


Just last week, if you were watching, it appears that “GOG” was more defined to us. Remember; the entire Russian Government resigned over Putin’s (GOG) cementing of his power.

We are all looking forward to the Pope’s new camp meeting in April with all of the other religions singing kumbaya.

I think our brother in Jesus Chad Thomas has made it quite clear that Emmanuel Macron is the AC. For those who have not seen his latest update, here it is.

So, we have the Pope AKA The False Prophet, Emmanuel Macron AKA the Anti Christ and the unveiling of the Peace Agreement in Washington in the next few days with the leaders of Israel. Not sure if Macron will be there. Would be very interesting if he is there.

( I sure hope that Netanyahu is flying into Washington in a fighter jet. He’ll be a sitting duck in a slow 747. )

And we have most if not all of the participants in “ground zero” in Syria who are chomping on the bit to destroy Israel. If they are not mad now, wait until they hear what’s in Trumps Plan.

So, for anyone who is not a Christian and is seriously thinking about becoming one, better start making a move. There isn’t much time left. YOU WON’T REGRET JOINING JESUS AND BEING ON THE WINNING SIDE.

Just a thought. If we call our Christian friends, “BROTHERS IN CHRIST”, do Old Testament Hebrews call their friends, ” BROTHERS IN LAW?”

2 comments on “This week in Washington?

  1. January 25, 2020 Adrian

    I am amazed (though not shocked) at what appears could be various key parts of the prophetic picture moving into place. As I was reading the above, I was thinking to myself what you thought about Ezekiel 38. Then I kept reading and you mentioned Gog…A few weeks ago I was thinking along the same lines as you, that is – that we may not have much time left. Rapture may be very, very close. I don’t know if Macron is the AC, but he certainly is an intriguing cat that I’ve been watching. Did you hear his outburst on the Israeli police officer? And if Macron is the AC, then I’m not sure the Left Behind movie folks could have picked a better actor to play the role than Gordon Currie in terms of resemblances….peace brother.

  2. January 25, 2020 Bob

    Well, let me nudge you closer to believing that Macron is the AC. And yes, central casting did a great job with ole Carpathia. Thanks for your email and keep both eyes on Washington this week and the Peace Plan roll out. It may be what causes the Arabs to lay down their differences and attack Israel.


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