Gift of Discernment.

I’ve started my website almost three years ago. And the reason I started it was due to the leading of the Lord that Emmanuel Macron is the Anti-Christ. I think you would all agree that His leading has been at the least, very interesting.

The same leading about the Macron that I heard from the Lord is the same leading about the next Israeli Unified Government. It will be the Sanhedrin.

But, I have had this gift for 39 years. I did not understand it for the first 30 years. I was continually getting myself into trouble. I could not understand why other brothers and sisters could not see what I saw. And I thought it was all so obvious.

But, having said that, I just wanted to say that there have been two politicians on my radar that I have known were either possessed or demon controlled. They are John McCain and Mitt Romney. For those of you all who follow politics also, this is a no-brainer….

2 comments on “Gift of Discernment.

  1. February 6, 2020 Suzanne

    I’m not an American. I’m Canadian and I do try to follow both. Unfortunately, what happens in the U.S. also affects Canada. If Trump had been impeached, I believe that would have left Macron to make the peace pack which would have started the tribulation. BTW, why John McCain and Mitt Romney? If both are not what you say they are, then would that not be slander? Some explanation on your part would be appreciated in order to understand your statement.

  2. February 6, 2020 Bob Wunderlich

    Hi Suzanne, thanks for posting. If you click on the link on the word “trouble” on my post it will take you to an explanation for my remarks. I see these things so clearly. To me it’s so obvious.


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