Gift of Discernment.

I’ve started my website almost three years ago. And the reason I started it was due to the leading of the Lord that Emmanuel Macron is the Anti-Christ. I think you would all agree that His leading has been at the least, very interesting.

The same leading about the Macron that I heard from the Lord is the same leading about the next Israeli Unified Government. It will be the Sanhedrin.

But, I have had this gift for 39 years. I did not understand it for the first 30 years. I was continually getting myself into trouble. I could not understand why other brothers and sisters could not see what I saw. And I thought it was all so obvious.

But, having said that, I just wanted to say that there have been two politicians on my radar that I have known were either possessed or demon controlled. They are John McCain and Mitt Romney. For those of you all who follow politics also, this is a no-brainer….

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