What if?

OK, I’ll start the “WHAT IF” conversations. OK?

What if the rapture is during this global pandemic and God want’s everyone home to watch the TV which will showcase the Upcoming wars in Israel that will proceed the Rapture?

And what if God is trying to minimize the collateral damage caused by the Rapture from Airplane, Train and Auto accidents? From all of those unmanned vehicles?

2 comments on “What if?

  1. March 17, 2020 Tammy

    God has a purpose for everything! Thanks for your posts and can’t wait to see your comments about Macron’s move to police his citizens and arrest them over the quarantine.

    • March 17, 2020 Bob

      Thanks Tammy… yea, I can’t wait to see what I write also. This whole pandemic thing is quite unusual. I’m just glad that we have Trump to direct our country.


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