How’s everyone doing?

Well, I just found out that Netanyahu and rival Gantz could not agree on the terms of the new settlements in Israel, so for now, the Unified Government is OFF again. And you know how I feel about that.

So, I am encouraged about what I see happening in the world in reference to the soon rapture.

For one, Iran is really starting to make some more noise with their Nuclear ambitions. And we know that Israel, which is on high alert during the virus, will not allow Iran to proceed much further.

For those of us who comment on whether or not America is mentioned in the bible in the last days need to keep an eye on what’s going on with the earthquakes in the mid west. Apparently, the Super Volcano in Yellowstone is requiring some more attention. BTW, if that blows, so does America. We will be toast.

So, in recap, we all thought that we are in overtime in reference to the rapture and then this Global Pandemic hits. I’m sure that will speed things up. You think?
And the serious talk of what Bill Gates is proposing. And I wish I knew what Macron is doing. Seems kind of quiet. Too quiet.

Oh and don’t forget about Papa’s One World Religion kumbaya in May 2020.

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