Rivlin sets August 4 as date for fourth elections if unity govt not formed.


Well, time again to toot my own horn. From the first day I saw Emmanuel Macron on the TV screen, I heard the Lord say, ” that’s him”. And that was a few years ago.

A few months ago, I got up from bed and loudly heard the Lord say to me, ” The next unified government in Israel will be the Sanhedrin”.

Believe me, I have a whole line of people just waiting to say to me, ” You were wrong” You are a false prophet.” BTW, there are no more Prophets!

So, Israel still has till Monday to unite their government. If not, then according to the story above, it will be a few weeks before the Feast of Trumpets.

So, IMO, the next time there is trouble; unlike in the past, where it has died down and smoothed over, the next trouble spot will ESCALATE. Why? Because we are getting to that time.

My guess…. Psalm 83… The Rapture… The Copper Scroll project will be fulfilled…UFO’s … And finally Macron’s Covenant with Many and then Ezek. 38.

Oh and one more thing needs to happen. My old girlfriend who is now a nun, will need to be saved. God promised me this 30 years ago. (27 years since I have seen her or talked to her.)And as I have said before, God never tells me anything that won’t come to pass. 100% accuracy.

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