Netanyahu, Gantz sign a unity government agreement.

Ok, well, here we are. To me, this could only have two meanings.

Does anyone know when this officially takes place?

#1 Psalm 83 will be any day now and before the Unity Government is officially set up


#2 I am wrong and I close up shop never to return. You all deserve better…..

2 comments on “Netanyahu, Gantz sign a unity government agreement.

  1. April 20, 2020 Mark Jobson

    …another thought on why USA is not involved in end times. The Rapture. Without all the saints USA will truly be marginalized, but on top of that N. Korea if still standing ( that’s for another discussion) hits remaining USA with EMP. America becomes another 3rd world nation waiting to be harvested. All the preppers are trying to unite but it won’t stand a chance as Mexico and Latin America will be blazing a formidable force up thru Texas while Canada will expand south and you know Russia may want Alaska back.

  2. April 20, 2020 Adrian

    This article below says it could still be several weeks before a new government is sworn in.


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