Pastor J.D. is not completely correct again.

Here is a comment that I posted on his site.

I want to make two observations about today’s video. Number one. You cannot change the KJV 1611 Bible Version. You cannot take a verse out of any other version and say that this verse in this version is more correct than the KJV. That makes you the Authority instead of God. It is saying the you know which verses are correct and which are not. I trust my KJV 1611 Version and that it is perfect. God is perfect and He is responsible for the translation of the KJV 1611. If you disagree with that statement than please tell me which is the perfect translation. If you say there is no perfect translation today, than you are making God out to be a liar. He said that he would preserve HIS WORD FOR EVER. Number two. You all know the verse that says, it is appointed unto man to die once and then the judgement. Right? Well, we know that many people in the scriptures have died more than once. So does that mean that this verse is wrong? No, it means that we do not understand it correctly. Remember the KJV 1611 is perfect and we are not..If you read my study on the two witnesses, point 1, you will see what this verse is really talking about. Now, my entire web site ministry is founded on the fact that I know who the AntiChrist is… He is Emmanuel Macron. The word, ” revealed” is another term that is similar to the above word, “once”. It must be interpreted correctly. The word revealed is an accurate KJV term, but we need to understand the word’s meaning as REVEALED TO WHO? It should be understood to mean, revealed to the “WORLD”. If G-D told me who the AC is, well, PTL, I was and am 100% positive that God told me 3 years ago about the Identity of the AC. Emmanuel Macron. I make no apologies. And very soon the World will also know..

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