Just want to thank God publicly.

I bought some seafood salad this afternoon and awoke from a nap with not so good of a feeling in my tummy. Called the supermarket and warned them to dump any left over seafood salad. I felt sick in my stomach and head and went to the bathroom.

I had the gird surgery 20 years ago where they tie up your esophagus and you can’t throw up. So, I was settling down for an interesting evening.
I decided to ask the Lord to prevent any sickness and settled in.

One minute later, my stomach was fine, my head was fine and I didn’t even taste the seafood in my mouth anymore. It was all gone. PTL.

This obviously doesn’t happen a lot but when it does, Thank You Jesus..

One comment on “Miracle?

  1. May 4, 2020 Tamara Gendron

    Hello Bob,
    That is a wonderful testimony! It is always best to go directly to the “Great Physician”. I always tell people that Jesus never sends a bill in the mail that can be barely understood. Thank you for sharing!


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