Where will the “force” come from?

If you have been paying attention to my site :-), you will notice that I have been asking a particular question. Who and when and how will these new bills, (H.R. 6666) and Bill Gates little tattoo, be enforced. And when will Macron as the head of the new UN Coronavirus gestapo have any power to do his new job?

Well, last year or so I posted what I thought would be Macron’s new 7 year tribulation period manifesto. https://www.macronistheantichrist.info/misc-items/ It’s called, ” Global Pact for the environment”. And it has a lot of language about kicking butts and enforcing the status Quo. And maybe separating a few Christians from their heads.

I can easily see codifying everything that is going on now with this pact.

I can even see, dare I say, A Covenant with Many?

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