Once Again…

Well, for the last 40 years I have been looking forward to Sept. This year, around the 18th or so in Sept. You all know why; so I won’t get into that.

IMO, all is set up including the Psalm 83 war. And because IMO the Psalm 83 war will be the on/off switch for everything, I keep my eyes glued on the military aspects of that area in Israel.

And as usual, the rhetoric, points to an imminent conflagration in that exact area. Now, between you and me, whenever I see the word, “IMMINENT” I always say to myself, ” forget about it, it’s not going to happen”. And so far I have been correct.

But, as I said, the headlines in Israel and In Jordan, Syria, Iraq etc. are all saying, “IMMINENT” And it is heating up especially with Israel breaking all of Iran’s expensive toys.

So put this together with the Bill Gates plan for surrender to the Elite and the weather and don’t forget….. France’s Macron positioning himself as leader of the world!. perhaps August will tell us a lot.

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