Psalm 83

I think we all should be pretty much agree that our boy Macron is the AC.

put this together with the Bill Gates plan for surrender to the Elite and the weather and don’t forget….. France’s Macron positioning himself as leader of the world!. perhaps August will tell us a lot.

With this in mind I would like to continue in the next six or seven weeks concentrating on what I THINK is the most important thing to concentrate on. PSALM 83

PSALM 83 is the key to understanding these last days. IMO I have a lot of trouble understanding everything without the Psalm 83 war. Nothing IMO makes any sense without it. With it, IMO, everything fits like a glove.

So as a strict Feast of Trumpets guy, although I did entertain the recent Feast of Pentecost, these next six weeks should be telling if the Rapture is for 2020. So with that in mind, I plan on keeping us all up to date on the events possible leading up to the Psalm 83 war.

BTW, the best and foremost expert on psalm 83 has always been Bill Salus. You should check out his stuff.

Here are some of the recent headlines that should be significant to Psalm 83.

Hezbollah is playing with fire,’ Netanyahu warns after terror group attacks in north.

Netanyahu & Gantz to Hizballah: More attacks will meet powerful response

IDF stays on high alert as Lebanese PM accuses Israel of ‘dangerous escalation’

Netanyahu: We are in midst of serious security incident

Netanyahu: ‘I don’t suggest that anyone test the IDF or Israel’

Israel posts Iron Dome batteries on its northern borders

Can Israel and Hezbollah stave off a dangerous escalation?

Benny Gantz: Syrian and Lebanon will bear direct responsibility for attacks on Israel

US, Israeli military chiefs fine-tune coordination amid rising tensions with Iran, Hizballah

And as I have said for the last 40 years, It all depends on the term, “Escalation” If it escalates, we’re gone, if it doesn’t escalate, well, we’re still moaning and groaning…

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