Mitt Romney announces support for Supreme Court vote

As I have said in the past; I have a gift for discernment. And when John McCain past away, IMO Mitt Romney took over as the Demon Possessed senator in the Congress.

Mitt Romney is demon possessed.

I trust him about as far as I can throw him. He hates Trump!

Let’s watch as he back stabs Trump in the upcoming Supreme Court pick.

Mitt Romney is not to be trusted.

One comment on “Mitt Romney announces support for Supreme Court vote

  1. September 22, 2020 Wendy Smith

    Agreed Romney’s a devil, but Trump is no different except the 1% have him wearing a halo for the game of Good side/Bad side, but really all same side.

    I don’t follow politics any more Bob, because they all work for Satan (and the top 1%) Left/right, as above/so below, white/black/ good/bad. All leaders are owned. They are hand picked every 4 years from both sides, who cares, so we feel like we have a vote.

    Leaders from both sides are related and owned by the freakshows who rule this world.(there’s not one free thinking billionaire alive)

    It’s the esoteric, free masonry, Luciferian agenda since time began. There’s a black Pope and a white Pope. He works for the devil too.

    Left and right in each war, both leaders being Mason’s or Mormons (Mormon Temples are just Masonic Temples, which is Romney spirit)

    Look at what Trump (He does Free Mason hand shakes etc and is related to Hellary) has said about the demon he picked as Court Justice who is now burning without repentance. Glowing. This evil baby killer, and Trump looooved her!

    Trump has said he will deploy F.E.M.A to make sure everyone gets the Vaccine.

    “Operation Warp Speed is a public–private partnership, initiated by the Trump administration, to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics”

    Trump said he never had to repent, when asked. He is a fake Christian. He is a Luciferian like all of them. Same same.

    Trump also initiated the roll out of 5G in the USA, citing that China has it and we want it. He knows when the 5G is turned on in full, people are going to die having the metals and hydro gel and nano tech from GMO from the vaccine in their bodies.

    Agenda 21 is going to be in full force beginning in Dec/January. Trump and every world leader are under UN control and the top 1% give the orders. Depopulation of 800,000,000 a year till 2030 is the agenda.

    They are all evil. And if Trump gets assassinated ever, don’t think they die. They are living it up in their hideaways with Epstein et al.



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