Sorry, but we need this…

try to listen to this and then read the comments below.

I thought it might be a good relief from all the stress we have been going through lately. ok?

1:11 / 5:04#DexysMidnightRunners#ComeOnEileen#Vevo

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen (Live)

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Kyle Dama

Kyle Dama3 years agoI wanted to hear a live version of this song, boy do I regret it.2KREPLYView 29 replies

Dustin Ross

Dustin Ross4 years agoprostate exam initiated @ 00:571.7KREPLYView 42 replies

кролика родзинка

кролика родзинка4 months agoFinally a version I can sing along with perfectly189REPLYView 6 replies


jurymax993 years agoEileen got cancer981REPLYView 15 replies


Nur4 years agoWhy did they replace the lead singer with a goat?1.7KREPLYView 19 replies

Azadbir Rai

Azadbir Rai3 years agoI hope eileen can sing better than this guy395REPLYView 7 replies


mcbrizzle821 year ago (edited)I originally came here to listen to a live version of this song and was mortified. Then I scrolled to the comment section and I am now having the best time I have ever had on YouTube!! I have since changed my mind about this upload… Thank you comment section!!430REPLYView 3 replies

Sebastian Tickleberry

Sebastian Tickleberry8 months agoWhen you’re 10 pints deep and someone strikes up the karaoke machine342REPLYView 7 replies


Geedis1 year ago (edited)00:56 that feeling when you come on eileen660REPLYView 17 replies

Vearon The Owl

Vearon The Owl1 year ago0:56 when you step on your dogs tail407REPLYView 6 replies

Nathan B Jervis

Nathan B Jervis8 months agoI imagine this is what English sounds like to people who don’t understand it167REPLYView reply

Conan Bullshit Clips

Conan Bullshit Clips3 years agoDon’t know why they would choose this video on their vevo, lead singer obviously had a cold or was having some sort of voice trouble. There are plenty of there shows he did flawlessly.535REPLYView 11 replies

Zane Herrmann

Zane Herrmann7 months ago3:13 when your karate teacher asks you to do your best ha yah158REPLYView 3 replies


YamiNoSensei138 months agoEileen: OK I’ll date you, just please stop singing118REPLY

Luna Unicorn

Luna Unicorn1 year ago2:49 when there’s water in your ear after the shower hahahahha771REPLYView 10 replies

cream cheese bagel

cream cheese bagel3 months agoWhenever this song comes on the radio, I’m scared its this version.49REPLY

Jenny & Craig Adventures

Jenny & Craig Adventures6 months ago (edited)0:56 Now I know the sound a donkey makes when it’s being castrated.39REPLYView reply


suicideposter5 years agoWhy is this on their Vevo? All existing footage of this performance should be burned, lol.1.7KREPLYView 16 replies


D-Dub4 months agoWhy would his friends let him on stage?!? Heartbreaking64REPLYView reply

Mr Drew

Mr Drew2 years agoPoor guy twisted a nut at 0:57507REPLYView 5 replies

Regina Mayoral

Regina Mayoral2 years agoIf you play it from 00:55 at .25x speed it sounds even better.93REPLYView 6 replies

Austin Fletcher

Austin Fletcher4 months agoThis is me singing in the shower28REPLY

Jonathan Hawks

Jonathan Hawks5 years agoNailed it.1.3KREPLYView 16 replies


Merlin9 months agoBand: Just act normal everyone watching: 😳

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