Knesset to dissolve within 24 hours

You know those sayings…

“let sleeping dogs lay”
“skeletons in the closet”
“Why bring that up again?”

Well, for whatever it’s worth, some of you may remember my last worthless prediction about the next Israeli government will be the Sanhedrin and the amazing week that led up to me being wrong. Amazing because it was a cliff hanger for awhile.

I’m going to say this again without apology. That prediction of mine that was wrong was the first time in 40 years that I heard something from the Lord and it was wrong. I asked the Lord about that and I think I heard Him say, ” You are not a Prophet!” And that’s all I heard. Just between you and me; if I was correct about what I said and we were still here, I would have been a very uppity obnoxious fellow.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be great if in the near future my prediction was off by a few months? I would settle to be correct. Because IMO if the Sanhedrin is the Gov. then we will be in Heaven when that happens.

I’m not sure what could happen next and surprise us. Maybe a 10.0 earthquake somewhere?

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