Gaza’s drill – preparation for war or a PR stunt?

Personally, to me, there aren’t many bigger stories for us Christians than this one.

This is the one thing that will signal the very end. Psalm 83 WAR!

This IMO, is the key to understanding End Time Bible Prophecy. Again, IMO, without the Psalm 83 war nothing makes sense. And understanding it leads to complete understanding IMO.

But, In order for the Psalm 83 war to take place, there needs to be a coalition of the Canaanites, Philistines, The Moabites, the Hittites, you know the drill.

They will attack Israel before the Ezek. war. Follow the author and discoverer of the Psalm 83 war info to get up to speed.

Bill Salus is the man…

Got a reply from Bill Salus himself to me…

I still believe Psalm 83 is a prophecy in process that awaits a soon coming complete fulfillment. It would appear that all Palestinian factions, including Hamas, will need to unify when they participate in the Psalm 83 war. We will have to see if this new coalition can last.
Blessings and thanks for your question.

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