They are coming soon…

20 years ago I started a Bible Prophecy Study at my church. We had about 20 people show up for that class. I spent part of that class talking about the soon fake Alien Invasion. Next week, I had two participants in my class.

Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. And you know what? It still does not go over well with even Christians.

BUT, IMHO, we are going to experience the smell of SULFUR in the air.

There is a lot that I can say about this subject, but for now, just keep your nose sniffing.

Above is an article with the Pope and aliens. One half of the deadly duo to come. If anyone sniffs out anything that has to do with aliens and Macron, please let me know. I think it will signal the sulfur invasion and possibly the Rapture.

I have no doubt that the “falling away” and the “great deception” that deceives the whole world will be the fake alien invasion. IMO, no doubt about it.. And of course it will explain the Rapture and many other things such as doing away with the silly argument about evolution.

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