Once again, we need to be reminded that there is no such thing as a UFO alien. They are demons.

IMO, and I have been talking about this for 20 years, there is nothing that fits into bible prophecy better than the fake UFO invasion. I talked about this in the radio interview.

What will unite the Globe?

What will explain the Rapture?

What will put Macron in charge of the Globe?

What will be the “powerful delusion” that the bible talks about?

Why are we hearing so much about, “Alien Disclosure”?

Will the Aliens start a New Religion?

Will there be an initiation to this New Global Religion?

IMO, the minute after the Rapture, these questions will be answered.

And BTW, I watched a great movie called “The Fourth Kind

I loved it and watched it 5 times. It was the first UFO movie that I have ever watched that leaned towards the Aliens being demons. But, they didn’t make the total connection. If you watch it, (BTW, it’s scary) watch the camera movements. They are wonderful. ( I use to be a cameraman)

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