This is how it starts…

If Israel attacks, we’ll raze Tel Aviv and Haifa, warns Iranian defense minister.

I’ve said this over and over again. THIS IS HOW IT STARTS.

But, here’s the key to this whole thing. It’s always been a “Rumor”.

It’s never happened before. Obviously…
I’ve always said, ” It needs to ESCALATE”

And one day it will Escalate.

Now, something to remember. Israel will never allow Iran to have a bomb. With Iran sticking their finger in Israels’ face with their current ENRICHMENT program, how long will Israel wait.

BTW, I can post a dozen articles that point to the fact that Israel is currently planning and practicing to do just that. BOMB IRAN.

And my favorite (psalm 83) bible prophecy Bill Salus has been writing for years about Iran’s Southern nuclear facility in Elam being taken out.

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