Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron — the EU’s new power couple?

WOW! This is exciting. Our boy has just hooked up with ROME!!!

Paris-Rome axis likely to become engine for integration after Angela Merkel bows out this year

Mario Draghi’s appointment as Italian prime minister with wide support from most, if not all, political parties has been hailed as good news for Italy and for the EU. It is also good news for President Emmanuel Macron.

It gives the French leader a partner in Rome who is a powerful and credible advocate of closer European integration just at the time when Germany prepares for a change in leadership. When Angela Merkel bows out as German chancellor, Draghi and Macron could become Europe’s new power couple.

From another article about the same story….


The Italian daily also evoked a “French connection” of Mr Draghi in Paris were the former boss of the European Central Bank (ECB) would have a “true galaxy of support”.

They named Alan Minc, an economist and close ally of President Macron, among those who would back such a new alliance of powers in the bloc.

This would be the perfect opportunity for the French President to take the leadership of the EU once Angela Merkel leaves the national and European political scene.

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  1. March 11, 2021 wendy smith

    MARIO Latin: A name of uncertain meaning, possibly derived from a Roman family name Marius indicating the Roman war god Mars; derived from the Latin root mas, meaning manly; or used as a masculine variation of Mary, meaning bitter and most often given in honor of the Virgin Mary.

    We will be made to worship the Roman statue of Mary of the Catholic church I believe, as the Pope does. Getting close.

    Macron ruling like the God Jupiter. Mario the dragon like the God of Mars. A war god.


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