Sanhedrin, 3rd Temple, AntiChrist, New World Order, One World Religion

Folks, I heard about this awhile ago but it didn’t register on my radar until a few days ago. This is what happened in 2019. And I believe the reason we haven’t heard anything about it since is COVID.

Believe me, the more I look into this subject the more I am convinced that we are looking at the pieces of the puzzle that will START the tribulation period.

The Noahide laws are co-joined with the Sanhedrin. Apparently they are the driving force behind the appearing of the Sanhedrin, the new Global One World Religion, and Anti Christ. BTW, decapitation is the penalty for worshiping Jesus.

The Jews will follow the Rabbinical laws of Judaism and the rest of the world will be obligated to follow this Satanic Noahide Religion based on something to do with Noah.

It appears to be a ho hum not so important story for us but, If I am correct, we are going to be hearing a lot more about it. I am specifically researching the Pope and Macron’s attitude towards this Noahide stuff.

IMO, after the Israelis’ victory in Psalm 83 and Ezek 38 the world will be looking at Israel. God will make sure of it. But, because it is the time of Jacob’s trouble Macron will put them through Hell. And the rest of the world will also be in trouble.

Help me out if you can and let me know what you find.
NOAHIDE…. it’s coming soon to your neighborhood. 🙂

One comment on “Sanhedrin, 3rd Temple, AntiChrist, New World Order, One World Religion

  1. June 21, 2021 Debra Suhr

    This has been a yearly so called “Celebration” every year I believe since Jimmy Carter left the W.H. The Sandhedrins have played out their plan for the Noah Hide laws to be in all Countries and every President has signed the law into affect. as “Education Day” which takes place every March. They are radical Jews and they are not Christian Jews what so ever. They consider themselves to be the “real” Jews and they also say they have the real soul from God and every other human on the earth are considered “Goyem”. Or pigs without a soul. They do plan on beheading all people who are not one of them. And, I might add there isn’t any truth to what they say. Noah NEVER wrote any of this sadistic evil rhetoric.


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