Macron Lied.. Who wuda thought?

French president Emmanuel Macron has announced new health rules to contain the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19. The country is currently hosting the Cannes Film Festival with several thousands of guests from all around the world.

The key measure announced by Macron will make the EU Digital Covid Certificate — commonly called “health pass” — mandatory in all cultural venues, including cinemas, theaters and concert halls starting on July 21. Starting in August, the health pass will be mandatory in cafes, shops, restaurants, as well as trains and planes, among other places.

2 comments on “Macron Lied.. Who wuda thought?

  1. July 15, 2021 karen

    im still not sure half the people hate politicians . surely its got to be someone everyone adores ah hem… prince william

  2. August 10, 2021 Sean

    No everyone will not adore the antichrist. Revelation states he will incur a deadly wound that is healed. Apparent assignation attempt. Also Daniel as well as Revelation states that he will be granted 3 1/2 years to make war against the saints. Who are the saints? The church. He will have opposition to contend with, contrary to what’s preached in churches today. I suggest a great book on end of times called “The Endtime is Now: According to the Bible, Be Ready” it’s a great read and really does connect the dots.


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