France reports rush for vaccines after Macron tightens Covid rules

Just a thought. Since Macron is the first world leader to take such Draconian measures and with the EU and then the rest of the world to follow… doesn’t that mean that forever Macron will be associated with the leadership involving the “where are your papers?” Associated with the beginning of self Identification and association with the New World Order system? Aren’t the people of France now reliant and owe their lives to Macron’s dictates? And again, soon the whole world since Macron started the whole ballgame?

I think since he started it and led to the eventual progression of the actual Mark of the beast, why don’t we nickname the whole ID system as “Macron” After all, doesn’t Macron mean, “mark”?
Now if we can just figure out where the 666 fits in, than we have something.

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