Can Macron Lead the European Union After Merkel Retires?

We think so. Don’t you?

PARIS — After Germans vote on Sunday and a new government is formed, Chancellor Angela Merkel will leave office after 16 years as the dominant figure in European politics. It is the moment that Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has been waiting for.

( I still remember the first day when I felt the Lord say to me, “that’s him.)

So, along with the weird possibility of the D10 (which has the EU as the 11th nation on the list) and the three nations on this list as the possible “subdued” nations, we now have the strong possibility of our boy Macron as the leader of the EU.

We have nations against nations, treason, earthquakes, flooding, fires, famines, pestillence, global id’s coming, you name it, it’s here or soon coming.

I think our book is pretty reliable. Don’t you think so?

One comment on “Can Macron Lead the European Union After Merkel Retires?

  1. January 7, 2022 Ron Myers

    I’ve known this for a few years!!!!!!


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