Macron Speaks for Europe.

The other day Macron talked about arming Europe. So much for the white horse of revelation.

Now this…

Ukraine needs strong signal from EU, Macron says ahead of possible visit.

But read this…. “We are at a point when we (Europeans) need to send clear political signals, us Europeans, towards Ukraine and its people when it is resisting heroically,” Macron said, without giving details.

I thought he was the President of France. 

So in the last few days our boy is speaking for European Military buildup and now he is speaking for a European POLITICAL cohesion. 

Military and Political… What’s left?  I think this is where the False Prophet shows up but that is not now, it’s later. 

Who else is doing this besides our boy? NO ONE!

Can you all see this?  He is fulfilling the prophesies right before our eyes and how many people are on board with us? 

2 comments on “Macron Speaks for Europe.

  1. June 16, 2022 shari

    WOW! this is amazing, we are watching prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes! eschatology is so exciting, my spirit is very excited!

  2. June 20, 2022 wendy smith

    It’s getting real Bob.

    Musk has to pop up sometime soon! The False Prophet.

    His ‘Tesla’ image logo is a goat (Devil) and ‘Tesla’ spelt backwards (As everything Satanic is inverted) is ‘Al set’, A lower case ‘L’ is the same as a capital ‘i’

    Satan is tricky. He inverts everything. The false prophet and the man of sin have the same evil spirit until Satan takes possession of Macron when he sits in the temple as God. What a pair until they become the unholy trinity. IMO?

    The AI agenda is set, ready to go. Elon is pushing the ‘AI’ (artificial intelligence) trans humanism agenda hard, and is an outspoken atheist..

    Elon means “God” and Emmanuel means “God with us”. Musk means ‘testicle’ and Macron means ‘Mark’

    They are a perfect team as the false prophet and antichrist.

    I’m waiting for a Musk prophecy, stay tuned!


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