The result also leaves President Emmanuel Macron’s second term in turmoil

The far-right has sent a shock wave through France’s political establishment, winning a historic number of seats in Sunday’s parliamentary elections with an unexpected surge.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally won 89 of the 577 seats in the National Assembly, a dramatic increase from its starting point of just eight and one of the most significant recent results for radical right-wing politics in Europe.

Until now, voters across the political spectrum had largely held back the far-right challenge, but Le Pen’s transformation of her party’s image from fringe extremists to a normalized opposition has seemingly taken hold.

The result also leaves President Emmanuel Macron’s second term in turmoil after the success of both Le Pen and a resurgent left-wing alliance, an outcome that may not be welcomed in Washington as the West navigates Russia’s war in Ukraine and its effects.

NOW… Here is IMO, the truth. Macron didn’t even campaign for this Parliament elections. He was busy. He was doing ANTI-CHRIST stuff. He was trying to bring peace to the Ukraine Russia war.

You know why? Because that’s what the AntiChrist will do before the rapture. He doesn’t have time for French parliament insignificant stuff. He is the LEADER ON THE WHITE HORSE. HE IS THE MAN OF PEACE. Not a powerful French leader.

He’s not going to be content with one nation.

Do you think Hitler would have ever been content with just ruling Germany? These are ambitious men possessed by Demonic forces. They serve the god of Forces.


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  1. June 20, 2022 shari

    WOW! it is getting real! better make sure you have Yeshua in your life, because he’s coming !


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