Is Macron’s ‘European Political Community’ a realistic prospect?

Below are some of the countries that Macron’s new idea would allow access maybe to the EU.

Ukraine, ex-member Britain, Moldova, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Norway (a single market member), Iceland (also in the single market), Switzerland (linked to the EU by a plethora of bilateral deals), Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

I bring this to our attention due to the logical conclusion that Macron needs a NEW JOB. And as I mentioned before this is not a new idea. Here is my post on his original idea of Concentric Circles.

This is from 3 years ago.

So, Could this be the framework for the EPC? ( European Political Community) Could the CORE nations be the number 10?
And could this be the framework for our boy’s NEW JOB? As the leader of this COMMUNITY?

And this sounds exactly what he is now talking about.

He already has the framework for the UN treaty for the tribulation period. (Middle of page. Starts with

What about this?
Are you all watching?

I think we will know the answer in one week…

3 comments on “Is Macron’s ‘European Political Community’ a realistic prospect?

  1. June 27, 2022 shari

    WOW! He certainly is movin on up!

  2. June 27, 2022 shari

    Bob, what are your thoughts on the Abraham accords? my thoughts are Daniel 9:27. I think the Abraham accords are the covenant he confirms, and he will add the Jewish temple to sweeten the pot, for giving up their land.

  3. June 30, 2022 Bob Wunderlich

    Don’t forget about the Copper Scroll treasure.


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