Troubled at home, France’s Macron remains a key world player

Emmanuel Macron may be weakened at home after parliamentary elections forced him into political maneuvering, but on the international stage the French president has the resources to remain one of the most influential world leaders.”

I think this is what we have been saying in reference to a NEW JOB for our boy. Right?

“In a sign that the president’s attention might be shifting at least temporarily to political realignment at home, Macron hardly mentioned his international agenda on Wednesday when he delivered his first speech since the parliamentary elections. He only briefly referred to the European meeting focusing on Ukraine.”

“I will have only one compass: that we move forward ( he knows exactly where he is going) for the common good,” he told the French.”

Even though he is looking bad, ( probably on purpose) in France as their leader, he is still considered a top contender for any Global type job.

So, once again, stay with us as we continue to watch this guy TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

One comment on “Troubled at home, France’s Macron remains a key world player

  1. July 16, 2022 shari

    our boy has been pretty busy lately, today, Abbas is going to meet with Macron about a 2-state solution. Tic Toc!


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