Do they know that they are in the wrong place?

When I was in Israel I spoke with a man who stood in the same area for about 40 years. He said this was where Jesus was crucified. I asked him if we were inside or outside the gate and he said that we were inside the gate. I told him that he was standing in the wrong spot.  My tour guide wanted to murder me. Anyway

Has anyone told the SHARM EL-SHEIKH CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE  that they are in the wrong spot? That is not Mt. Sinai.  ( The real spot )

I like to make predictions obviously before they happen. Not prophecies or dreams of visions. No such thing. But personal predictions.

On my website I have plastered all over it Macron’s UN speech about Global Pact for the Environment (New York, 19 September 2017)

At that time (2017) I was astounded at what Macron had presented. BTW, I still am.. I mentioned that what we were looking at is Macron’s Tribulation agenda.  And it was with “MANY”
I am playfully predicting that if this conference that is currently taking place in Egypt joins itself to this 2017 Macron pact for the environment; we then have our winner. Mr. Macron is the AC. No one can argue.  

BTW, I was kicked out of Israel that same week. I had to dress up as an Arab to get onto the Temple Mt. and they caught me and then thought I was there to blow it up. I got to witness to the Chief of Police. 


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