Don’t miss the subtlety.

Macron Urges European Strategic Autonomy Amid US-China Tensions.

Emmanuel Macron urged Europe to develop more strategic autonomy as a way to avoid the risk of turning EU countries into “vassals” in the event of a global crisis such as a US-China confrontation. 

When you think of Europe, who do you think of? Do you automatically think of Macron? Well, these are the type of stories and headlines that will certainly train your mind to think of Macron.

5 years ago, this man was a nobody. With this kind of marketing based on reality, Macron has successfully become the spokesperson for Europe. It is Macron that is Mr. Europe; the ANTICHRIST!

One comment on “Don’t miss the subtlety.

  1. April 9, 2023 shari thurston

    Bob every time I see the photo of Manny and Xi it brings to mind how the kings of the east will trouble him.


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