This should settle it.

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Three things to understand here. First, doesn’t it sound like Macron is speaking for all of Europe?

And number two, As I said before, we don’t know a lot about the AC’s personality, but the bible is clear that he is a FLATTERER. IMO, below, the words of Macron are pure flattery. He could care less about anyone. ( what do you think? Am I right?)

And again for number three. Macron seems to be making security arrangements for Ukraine. Just like he will for Israel. Right?

President Emmanuel Macron’s speech in Bratislava on May 31, seemed to herald a remarkable change of tone. Having attended the event and heard the reactions of the audience, I can attest to the positive sense of surprise. He also used the strong words needed to define the fight — our fight — that Ukraine now wages: “Ukraine today protects Europe, it brings guarantees of security to Europe”. 

First and foremost, the French President broke with a sort of French tradition in the assumed superiority of Western Europe within the European Union (EU.) Macron now refuses to use the term enlargement and proposes instead to talk about the “reunification” of the continent. These are not mere semantics, they matter. Criticizing one of his predecessors, Jacques Chirac, who in 2003 had asked the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to “shut up” after some of them supported George W. Bush’s war against Iraq, he stressed that it would have been better to have listened to them. This is a statement of French high policy very different from at least the last 20 years and is very clearly aimed at repairing broken — or at least damaged — bridges to the region. 

He also pointed to his own mistakes, for example, when he implied in a speech on September 1, 2022 that certain Central and Eastern European countries were “warmongers”, and before that, when he had upset them with a policy he considered too complacent towards Moscow. 

In the same vein, he had also denounced the inconsistency of the French and German positions at the Bucharest summit in April 2008, which were not accompanied by any security guarantees for Ukraine and Georgia (with profoundly damaging consequences thereafter.) Without being self-critical about his past positions, which expressed hopes that Russia might rejoin the European rules-based order, he had to implicitly acknowledge that these expectations were unfounded. Although the French president had been moving in this direction for some months, it now seems clear that he will no longer be riding the horse of re-engagement with Putin’s regime. There was no mention in his speech of “security guarantees” for Russia, or even of future negotiations with it, even at some distant point in the future. 

Whereas Macron once spoke of a possible peace when Ukraine decided to seek it, leaving some to assume that Paris might push Kyiv in this direction, he now even speaks of peace “on Ukraine’s terms”, in an increasingly explicit endorsement of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s 10-point peace plan. What’s more, he mentions the requirements of international law in terms of both borders and justice. On a symbolic level, it also recognizes that Ukrainians are fighting for the freedom of all Europeans. 

Two other points reflect a notable shift in Macron’s thinking. The first concerns the indispensable nature of the security guarantees to be granted to Ukraine.  

Although he had affirmed the principle, he now went further, referring to the multilateral or bilateral framework that could give substance to these guarantees. Above all, he seems to regret the lack of unanimity — a statement implicitly aimed at the US — among NATO members to grant Ukraine a Membership Action Plan (MAP), a bureaucratic route map that ends with alliance membership. 

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  1. June 13, 2023 Not buying it

    Your site is an embarrassment.

    Israel must adore the antichrist; trust him implicitly. Israel despises Macron; thus he’s out.

    End times for dummies
    1. Watch Trump
    2. Watch Israel
    3. Count the church out the last seven yeare

    • June 25, 2023 MementoMori

      All of Israel will NOT worship the AntiChrist. Why do you think there are people running away from Judea at the halfway point during the final 7 years.

      Although, in the beginning, they will like him, … when he allows them to rebuild their Temple. But, they would welcome anyone that would do that for them. And they don’t despise him. In fact, he was being named by Knesset members as a good one to call to help strengthen the Abraham Accords.

      Trump can not be the AC. He’s a womanizer, He’s an American. The AC comes out of the rebuilt Roman Empire. So France would fit. America wouldn’t.

      • June 25, 2023 Bob G Wunderlich

        tell me more about this please. “In fact, he was being named by Knesset members as a good one to call to help strengthen the Abraham Accords.”

        • July 24, 2023 MementoMori

          From the Jersalem Post May 2022

          This is from Blue & White MK Ruth Wasserman-Lande talking

          Similarly, Wasserman Lande sees special importance in bringing French leadership and newly reelected French President Emmanuel Macron into the Abraham Accords process.

          “President Macron has a strong and friendly relationship with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and with others in Israel’s leadership,” she said. “I do believe it would be beneficial for him to be involved in strengthening the Abraham Accords. After all, it’s an interest we all share. It is actually one of the rare issues that Israel’s coalition and opposition see eye-to-eye on.”

          You can still find the article on other news sites besides the Jerusalem Post, but notice the wording, “Involving” “strengthening the Abraham Accords” “Macron” “one of the rare issues that Israel’s coalition and opposition see eye to eye on”

          But even before 2022 he was saying, strange stuff like:

          * He wants to rule like Jupiter. ( If you understand Zeus and Jupiter are equivalent gods, one Roman, one Greek. And you know the history of Anriochus Epiphanes IV putting in a Zeus Statue in the Jewish Temple to be worshiped, you will understand what he is saying. Of Course if he said Zeus, it would have been too obvious so… he says Jupiter instead.)

          * in an interview he says people need to know that “… The BEAST of events is here… and it’s coming” (he smiles after saying this)

          * He’s trying to make the an EU army
          * He’s trying to make the EU stronger

          And a whole lot of other creepy stuff.

          • July 24, 2023 Bob G Wunderlich

            I really don’t know what else needs to be said. Israel wants Macron to strengthen or confirm the Abraham Accords which is with many. There it is.

  2. June 13, 2023 Bob

    Ok, I will look for another person. Thx for helping me…

  3. June 24, 2023 shari thurston

    practice makes perfect, I think he is working overtime because soon he will be revealed to the whole world. And to the above poster you need to read about Macron and his life. he was born to atheist parents he was baptized in the Roman Catholic church at the age of 12, he was born on the 21st of Dec which is the winter Solace, he is a Prince, his first 4 names all pertain to Yeshua and his last name means short mark. that is all the proof I need to think maybe this is the guy, then you start to dig deeper into his life and his career, and you be as convinced as we are that this is the guy. Macron is the only person who walks this planet that checks all the boxes for anti christ.


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