Let’s say that the rapture happens tomorrow. And Israel defeats it’s nearby enemies according to Psalm 83. And they want to start the Temple Sacrifices. How are they going to do that? How long will it take to rebuild the 3rd Temple? 6 months? A year? What will they do the the interim ?

What if they found the Tabernacle? And with it, all of the Temple Relics including the Ark? Would that be a good answer to the above question?

There is ONLY one place that in my Christian Lifetime the Tabernacle has been rumored to be. No where else has the subject even been discussed.

Not only do they know where the Tabernacle is located but they also are getting Shiloh ready to ready to house it.

“This is an exciting and exceptional event for the entire Jewish people,” said Ancient Shiloh CEO Coby Mamo. “We are already in touch with researchers and promoters around the world who are waiting to come here with large groups. We have returned to the site of the Tabernacle in Shiloh and are bringing back the Jewish past for the future of our people.”

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  1. August 22, 2023 shari

    Bob, I believe the Abraham accords will be the Dan 9:27 covenant, but I also think the UN meeting next month has something to do with the covenant of Dan 9:27 as well. Maybe the Abraham accords and the UN 7 year SDG meeting will tie together to bring about Jacobs trouble. I guess only time will tell.


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