Rome blast it’s way into the End times.

Most of you know my end time scenario. This is where Israel defeats Jordan in the Psalm 83 war and gains possession of the Solomonic Treasures  involved in the Copper Scroll deal. 

This scenario IMO will definitely happen. I have always postulated that Macron will take responsibility for finding these treasures.

He will then be Coronated as the Messiah by the Sanhedrin. 

But here is a new wrinkle in that equation. ROME.

It’s a very good bet that the Revived Roman Empire will replace the defeated Muslims in the soon Psalm 83 war as THE SUPER DUPER POWER in the Middle East. Remember we will soon go back to God dealing with Israel as it’s 70 AD enemy. ( ROME! )

And any Arab person in France or anywhere else that protest anything will be jailed and put into camps.

Does Rome have the artifacts? Maybe some of them. 

So, if this Pope and Macron are both still alive in the next few days or weeks then we might have Rome and the Pope involved in the Dan. 9:27 covenant with the return of the Solomonic treasures to Israel. No one will know how Rome got the stuff. 
And IMO, this is exactly what I have been contemplating for the last decade or so. 

Don’t forget ROME. I can’t emphasize how important of a role ROME will play in the End Times. 


If I am correct, and I feel 100% confident about this; then very soon, and I mean very soon, Macron will be involved in this story. Macron and Rome…

3 comments on “Rome blast it’s way into the End times.

  1. November 3, 2023 shari

    Bob, So where does King Charles fit into this mix? he and Manny are pretty close buds right now, hmmm, could King Charles be Manny’s right hand man for now until the Pope becomes his partner in crime

  2. November 3, 2023 Bob G Wunderlich

    ughm, Not sure.

  3. November 4, 2023 shari

    sometimes the puzzle pieces are hard to put together, I think I will just call King Chuck Manny’s right hand man who will get Manny his trillions and not billions of dollars


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