Keep an eye on Macron

Biden in message to Israel: I will stop sending bombs over major invasion of Rafah.

Our boy Macron never misses an opportunity. I know this guy.

You watch…. Macron will step in and supply Israel with the bombs that they need. This is when Macron shows his solidarity with Israel. If the USA and Biden can’t be trusted, well, then Macron certainly will step up to the plate for Israel. He; Macron is Israel’s best friend. Not the USA.

Think about it… What an amazing moment for Macron! Everything that we know about Israel and the Antichrist can come into view in the next few days. Imagine if Macron supplies Israel with it’s needed weapons and Psalm 83 happens and Israel is the victor due to Macron’s assistance; well then Macron can SEMELESSLY sign a COVENANT with Israel in the aftermath to assure Israel and Europe’s friendship and powerful military alliance. This is that moment IMO.

Watch….. What an opportunity for Macron. Sooner or later he will do away with his veneer of playing both sides. He will pounce…

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  1. May 17, 2024 cary thurston

    I think I need to snatch this article as well, Thanks Bob!


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